Azure Durable Functions: Stateful Yet Serverless Workflows

By Jeff Ammons Pub Date: 2/17/2019

Slides from the Presentation

Big thanks to everyone who attended my presentation at the Orlando .NET User Group!

As promised here are the slides.

For anyone who hasn't heard of Azure Durable Functions, here's a quick summary.

Serverless means you don't manage the servers yourself. Of course there actually ARE servers (LOTS of them), but Microsoft manages them, not you.

So in Azure speak a Function is a bit of code that runs based on some trigger like a timer, HTTP call, or message dropped in a message bus.

The equivalent on Amazon's AWS would be Lambda.

The Durable part means that these individual Functions can be controlled by an Orchestrator Function that maintains state and does all the messaging between the Functions for you. You just write plain vanilla C# and magic happens behind the scenes.

For more info, just download the PDF of the slides and take a look!